reason for kernel compiling

1.You can install bug-fixes,security updates or new functionality by rebuilding the kernel from update source.

2.By removing unused devices drivers kernel sub-system from your configuration,you can dramatically reduce kernel size and therefore memory usage.

3.By enabling optimisations more speicific to your hardware , or turning the system to match your specific sizing and workload,you can improve perfomance.

4.You can access additional features by enabling kernel options or sub-systems.Some of which are experimental or disable by default.

5.You can solve problems of detection / conflicts of peripherals.

6.You can customize some options for example:bios,keyboard layout..etc

7.You can get a deeper knowledge of the system.

Ubuntu 9.10 + Reliance NetConnect Broadband Modem (Huawei EC1260) + NetworkManager = Works Out Of The Box

Note: This article will help you to "Dial" your USB CDMA modem with Network Manager in Ubuntu, Assuming it's already working fine with wvdial. If you are modem is not detected or working by wvdial, then it's problem with Modem Detection in Ubuntu, if this is the case, then this solution is not for you.

Update: If you are on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lycid Lynx) Beta - 1, please test ModemManager [1] and submit your response here [2], your feedback would help us to push this package to final build.


The mutt mail client

A famous adage goes:

The pen is mightier than the sword

Perhaps, we could say now that the keyboard has taken that privileged place. Command line tools have a surprising power to give you control over your machine. In the time that it takes to issue a few mouse clicks, trying to do certain routine tasks, many more commands can be supplied using the keyboard.

If you are a power user of GNU/Linux and love the keyboard, or you are a lover of GNU/Linux wanting to become a seasoned user, you'll want more and more to leverage the power of the keyboard by finding and using console based tools. The text based mail client, mutt, empowers you in a big way to make you highly productive and efficient.

How to inherit classes in JavaScript

Inherit a class in JavaScript, it is one - liner code,

SubClass.prototype = new ParentClass();

As simple as that .... Problem with that one-liner is where should it goes?
answer is :- after the constructor of the sub-class. It may look
strange but it is extremely effective.

//The constructor of the Animal class
function Animal()

//The constructor of the Dog class
function Dog()

// The magic that inherits Dog from Animal is here....
Dog.prototype = new Animal();

And We can call it true Inhertance ...
instanceof test pass or we can say Dog IS-A Animal.

For Python, ASCII, Console lovers...


class community

while community:
     you are python, ASCII, Console lover:
     you believe in sweet, simple and straight forward presentation:
     If you don't want to load  OO Presentation:
     Check the console-presenter [1].
     Working in Jaunty (9.04,  Intrepid (8.10) and Hardy (8.04 U2).
  Your Choice  :)