How to inherit classes in JavaScript

Inherit a class in JavaScript, it is one - liner code,

SubClass.prototype = new ParentClass();

As simple as that .... Problem with that one-liner is where should it goes?
answer is :- after the constructor of the sub-class. It may look
strange but it is extremely effective.

//The constructor of the Animal class
function Animal()

//The constructor of the Dog class
function Dog()

// The magic that inherits Dog from Animal is here....
Dog.prototype = new Animal();

And We can call it true Inhertance ...
instanceof test pass or we can say Dog IS-A Animal.

Upgrade Ubuntu in Download Only Mode, Configured it latter_

I am some what lazy in matter of Upgradation of OS, That's what happened to my Development OS. Recently i have decided to upgrade my Ubuntu 8.04, But it show that, i have to download some what about about 200 MB, And my home internet is working on
only 128 kbps. So for me to upgrade to latest patches required too much time and some manual interaction. Also we are getting some what good internet speed during night hours in India :( and also Higher bandwidth connection is not enough for my Pocket Size ;)

So, I have started this task at 11:00 PM in night, before sleeping :)

person@CREATIVEDESK:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done

Agenda for the 'Unfetter IT' discussions

Unfetter IT v1.0 I am trying to broach a general discussion with reference to the ongoing 'Proposed Patents Bill 2009', presently being mooted over in New Zealand. This Bill has the latent potential of having far reaching effects (especially detrimental) if it legalizes 'Unlimited Software Patenting' in New Zealand. I would upload my thoughts on- 30June09 (Tuesday)

Please follow the link --> Unfetter IT v1.0

Unfetter IT v2.0

Could we conceive of a scenario when the Governments of the world work towards a massive and concerted IT based collaboration in order to build and provide solutions to business/global problems?
This is a question worth a serious thought.

Abhas Sir gave me the 'bonnet' example which demystified many a doubt regarding the essence of FOSS and the dire need of a global FOSSilization.
How would it be if you are forced to buy a car whose bonnet couldn't be opened (except by the seller)?

LTSP Quick setup guide

GNU/Linux has always been the saviour of small companies and it once again proved by providing the Terminal Server technology. As a cost cutting solution many of the companies are making a drive towards Free Software and LTSP makes it more possible by reducing the hardware too. Here I want to start from the very basics of LTSP for beginners and take it to the extent of installing and configuring it.

Gnome Screenshot and "Print Screen" Key Problem

How to take Screenshot in GNU/Linux Distribution with Gnome GUI using "Print Screen" Key? Also Screenshot should also contain the Gnome Menu (e.g Application Menu or Menu by pressing Right Click)

You can take Screenshot using conventional method by pressing "Print Screen" button on KB for normal desktop Screenshot, But i am shocked when i have followed same method while loading Gnome Right Click Menu. I am not able to take it. It was not happening at all :(. So came up with few quick Workarounds

Work Around - 1

1. Go to Applications -> Accessories -> Take Screenshot
2. Configure Delay in seconds in "Grab After a delay of"
3. Press "Take Snapshot" Button
4. Prepare your Desktop for the Screenshot (This work around