Most Common SMTP Error Codes

ERROR : “Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable Giving up on
REASON : If sending address is invalid,then you will get this message

ERROR : Sorry, I couldn’t find any host named
REASON : Problem with the recipient domain. i.e , The domain name specified is unknown. Either you typed it incorrectly or that domain no longer exists.

ERROR : “Remote host said: 550 abc [at] example [dot] com: Recipient address rejected:" unknown user
REASON : The email address specified by you was incorrect. kindly check the recipient email address.

ERROR : Remote host said: 554 Message type not allowed. UP Email not accepted for policy reasons
REASON : Please add SPF records for your DNS and send the mail.

Unfetter IT v3.0

Could we conceive of a scenario when the Governments of the world work towards a massive and concerted IT based collaboration in order to build and provide solutions to global problems (of which business problems are only a subset)?

Pondering over the above question posed in the earlier post; What about the bilateral free trade agreements? Isn't that a cause based collaboration? Why can't, on similar lines, massive IT based collaborations happen? The IT's proven abilities to solve problems and the fact that it has become a way of our present life couldn't be more stark.

The potential, indispensability and ubiquity which IT commands today shouldn't be fettered at the alter of unlimited (and sometimes indiscriminate) Patents.

MythTV: The Open Source PVR

For years now, Linux users have been proud of the fact that their favorite operating system is at the heart of the most popular personal video recorder (PVR) system around: TiVo. 

Not only is TiVo a revolutionary media appliance (ask any TiVo owner if they can imagine living without one), it’s an excellent example of what can be done with embedded Linux. Furthermore, the company behind TiVo has done little to discourage the cult of TiVo hackers that’s developed over the last several years. Odds are that the hackability of the TiVo generates a non-trivial percentage of sales in some regions. 

Install MySQL Server 5 on Ubuntu Desktop

How to Installing MySQL 5 Server on Ubuntu desktop, seems very dumb question but for newbies it is not. Ubuntu doesn't give mysql server installed on desktop version. No need to worry, Its very easy and quick.

Open a terminal(gnome-terminal / konsole), and use the following command:

sudo aptitude install mysql-server mysql-client

Unfetter IT v2.0

Could we conceive of a scenario when the Governments of the world work towards a massive and concerted IT based collaboration in order to build and provide solutions to business/global problems?
This is a question worth a serious thought.

Abhas Sir gave me the 'bonnet' example which demystified many a doubt regarding the essence of FOSS and the dire need of a global FOSSilization.
How would it be if you are forced to buy a car whose bonnet couldn't be opened (except by the seller)?

Eating Open Source: Practical models for supporting yourself by open source

This article has been published on DeveloperIQ in 2001

Writing software that is Open Source does not necessarily mean that there is generally no way for the developer or the company to earn out of it. This paper illustrates the differ net ways in which it might be possible to have viable business based around Open Source Software.