Indian Rupee Symbol Support In Ubuntu with Keyboard Mapping With “AltGr + 4" and “India With RupeeSign” Keyboard Layout

Ubuntu is the first OS which supports Indian Rupee Symbol, Since release Of Ubuntu 10.10. Here is the one fact that nobody can type Indian Rupee Symbol without support of font. So font should have Indian Rupee Symbol in it. By default Ubuntu 10.10 is coming with that. So, it will make easy for your OS to display Rupee Symbol and copy paste of it, but typing of it is tricky, you can use Ctrl + Shift u2b09. But it would very hard for anybody to type frequently with above key combination. Also, it is very tricky add key combination with some hack. But now onwards it would be de-facto :) .

Python script to recognize two finger gestures from your synaptic touchpad.

This little python script monitors for two finger guestures from your synaptic touchpad. The guestures are limited to simple up, down, left, right, and (it will work if both your kernel as well as xorg is configured for it. You can check it by using synclient command line tool.).

The script expects the output of "synclient -m N" on its standard input , where N is your choice of refresh milliseconds, 10,20 works great, 100 if ur machine is slow. What I mean is this :

user@host$ synclient -m 20 | python

Install MySQL Server 5 on Ubuntu Desktop

How to Installing MySQL 5 Server on Ubuntu desktop, seems very dumb question but for newbies it is not. Ubuntu doesn't give mysql server installed on desktop version. No need to worry, Its very easy and quick.

Open a terminal(gnome-terminal / konsole), and use the following command:

sudo aptitude install mysql-server mysql-client

Information and Installation Of Unity (A Lightweight Netbook Interface) Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop

There are lot of news around Ubuntu Light and Unity, I have tried to gather  most of information about it. It's general and floating around Internet, I have tried to make it on one stop . Also covered Unity Ubuntu Netbook Edition Installation on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx), hope you like the desert :).

Q: What is Unity Ubuntu Netbook Edition?

A: A Lightweight Netbook Interface for Netbooks / Desktops.

Q: That's ok! But, Can you give details?

A: Here is bunch of links that will help you to get up-to-date about Unity Ubuntu Netbook Edition, Ubuntu Light.